welcome to the immortal writers writing contest

Want to win cash and other cool prizes? All you have to do is write.

How do you become an Immortal Writer? It's easy:

  1. Read Immortal Creators by Jill Bowers

    1. No purchase necessary, but reading the book will help you

  2. Choose an element of sci-fi from the book

  3. Use the element you chose as a spring board to create your own sci-fi element

  4. Write a short story that includes your ne piece of sci-fi

  5. Submit your story below before 11:59 on October 31, 2021


  • Entries must follow the above prompt

  • Stories should be between 500 and 5,000 words

  • All writing must conform with WSD standards and the requirements of the AUP


  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  • Creativity

  • Logical explanations of how your science fiction could somehow become science fact, whether in reality or in the context of your story

  • Narrative flow/plot arch

SUBMISSIONS DUE by 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2020