Lesser Known Jill Facts, Part 1

When I love a book, I also love getting to know the person that wrote it. Since I know you all will love Immortal Writers, I thought it might be fun for you to get to know me. Enjoy these lesser-known Jill facts. More will appear as time goes on...

1. When I was in sixth grade I lied and said I invented flying broom sticks. People were so impressed by this feat that they voted me into student council. Politics, man. That about sums them up.

2. I am a hard core Brony. As I write this, I am wearing a My Little Pony shirt. I swear I'm an adult.

3. I don't like to write with my legs down. Instead, I like to be lounging on the couch. Otherwise it feels too much like work and I'm not as creative.

4. I'm afraid of dolls, especially porcelain dolls.

5. I once sumo-wrestled inside of a cocoon of bubble wrap. Try it. It's fun.

6. When I was trying online dating I told a guy that I sometimes think about how I would torture people. I may have forgotten to mention that I'm a writer and that it was purely for story-purposes. I never talked to him again. Life lesson: don't be a psychopath online. Or anywhere, for that matter.

7. I spend my free time singing love songs to my dog. Her favorites are Unchained Melody and Soft Kitty.

8. I am one of two composers-in-residence for the Westminster Bell Choirs in Logan, Utah.

9. When I was in college I threw a Happy Couple Beating Day Party for all of the single people on Valentine's Day. My favorite part of this party was the word search I created. I put the word "love" in the word list but not in the search. That way, people spent their whole time looking for love and they never found it.

10. When I was in college I spent four hours with a red pen correcting all of the mistakes in the university newspaper. They were really mad when I turned it in, especially when they realized that I, an English major, had corrected their AP style as well as all of their other errors. English Department: 1, Journalism Department: 0.

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