Peek inside the Castle

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Truth be told, I've been sick for a very long time. Now I'm back, though, and I have so much to tell you about the Immortal Writers!

Book one, Immortal Writers, is still available in print and as an eBook. Book two, Immortal Creators, is also available in print and electronically. Book three, Immortal Suspects, has been written and is in the editing phase. I'm hoping to launch it in spring of 2020!

I know that that's a long time to wait for book three. BUT, a lot will be happening while we wait to go back to the Castle in Immortal Suspects.

Pretty soon, the Immortal Writers universe is going to grow. We'll continue the series (remember, I'm contracted for 5 books!), but pretty soon I will also be adding some sweet IW merch! I'm collaborating with some great artists to get things going, and I'm confident that you're going to love what's coming!

So even though it's been a while since you've seen anything from the Writers Castle, don't give up hope. We still have a lot of great things coming, so stay tuned!

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