No Writer is an Island

Alone. For years, that's what I wanted to be. Not lonely, but alone. Why couldn't everyone just leave me alone?

Honestly, I would have become a writer with or without that feeling, but I have to admit that it was a draw to know that I wouldn't really have to deal with people, you know? I mean, I like some people, specific people who I've decided to let in and trust. But people in general? No, thank you. So of course, being a writer, sitting alone, surrounded by my imaginary friends... that sounded awesome.

I was wrong.

Even as a writer, I have to deal with people. I have to reach out to people via social channels and in-person events to try to get my books "out there." I still don't love that part; even though I end up having fun at events, I'm such an awkward human being, as anyone who has met me knows. But aside from dealing with people in a marketing/promotion capacity, I have to rely on people for research purposes. For example, when doing research for Immortal Creators, I interviewed some armed forces veterans to be sure I understood how drills would work. That was actually quite fun. Plus we did lunch, and the food helped, even though I am the messiest eater I know (and my niece is only two).

But the most important thing I've needed people for? Carrying on.

Being a writer can be hard. Personally, sometimes I get scared about delving into my imagination too much, because it doesn't always like to let me go. And it would be so much easier to give up, instead of delving deeper into my psyche and turning my pain into art.

Thankfully, I was so wrong about writing being a lonesome job. I've had so many people help me through every part of the writing journey. Mentors, book store owners, publicists, editors.... and most especially, family and friends.

If you're looking to be a writer, just remember: you're going to need people to help you and cheer you on. And even if it sounds unpleasant now, you'll end up loving it, and loving those people for believing in you.

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