Shakespearean Writing Contest

This past weekend, William Shakespeare turned 452 years old. Immortal Writers know that he's still alive and he's still writing. He asked me to give him a birthday present, and that present was that he wanted everyone to write a Shakespearean Insult in his honor.

I decided to take this a step further and turn it into a writing contest. The second, third, and fourth place winners will receive a free, signed Immortal Writers bookmark. But the grand prize winner gets to kill off a character in my second book.

Do you have a roommate, coworker, or other enemy that you can't legally cause bodily harm to, but you would really like to see them punished? Or perhaps you'd like to honor a family member or friend in an odd way by killing them off in a book?

All you have to do is write your own Shakespearean insult. You must call someone ugly, stupid, or obnoxious in olde Shakespearean English. Shakespeare and I will pick our favorites, and we'll announce the winner in a week.

I'll then get in touch with the winner and get a description of the person they want killed off in my book. I'll put that person in my book and kill them off quickly, but messily. Even if you'd like yourself killed off, I can make that happen!

Good luck, everyone!

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