The Top Five Magic Powers of Reading

I firmly believe that there's a book out there for everyone. Even if you think you hate reading, I guarantee that there is at least one book you can connect with and love. My number one belief about books is that if you don't like reading, you just haven't found the right book.

What makes reading so great? There are too many answers to choose just one reason! But, here's a pretty solid list of five of the most amazing magical powers harnessed by each and every book.

5. Telepathy. You didn't think telepathy was real, did you? But it is. Every time you sit down and read, the author uses symbols to send a message from their brain to yours. As Stephen King said, "All the arts depend upon telepathy to some degree, but I believe that writing offers the purest distillation."

4. Emotional Manipulation. Not only can authors put ideas and thoughts in your head, they can also control how you feel about those thoughts. Have you ever read a book and ended up crying? Or have you read a book and felt joy? Maybe a book even made you laugh. Those sneaky books are great tools for manipulating how you feel about things in the story and in life.

3. Teleportation. You're sitting there comfortably, reading a book...and then, suddenly, you forget you're reading. You're not there on the couch any more; instead, you're in another world, another time, another life altogether. Books have the remarkable power to teleport us anywhere. Maybe our bodies stay in the same place, but our minds are taken to places we could only dream of before we started reading.

2. Invisibility. No, books themselves aren't invisible, but they have the power to make you invisible. You can go and watch other people's lives without them ever knowing you're there. And guess what? You're completely safe while you enter these stories and watch wars and murders and other plights.

1. Immortality. Once a story exists, it always exists. As long as people have heard the story, it lives forever. It doesn't really age, it doesn't get just endures and thrives for the rest of time. The characters in the story gain eternal life, and in a way, the author does, too, as their stories live on. These stories, the ones that are so good and so powerful that they live forever, belong in the Immortal Writers world.

What other super powers do you think books have?

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