The Dark Recesses

It's been a long time since I've blogged, and an even longer time since I've done any email marketing. I've been so frustrated with myself, and it all comes down to the writing fever.

Sound familiar? I gave Scott, the main character in book 2, Immortal Creators, a sliver of my madness, which I have always called my writing fever.

Unfortunately, the flip side of my creativity is my insanity, and because of that, I am often afraid to delve too far into the creativity. This causes me to hesitate when I write or do anything with my books, really. This is why I've been gone. My insanity has gotten the best of me for a long, long time.

But not anymore. I have a new marketing plan, and I'm putting all of my insanity to good use with writing and online marketing.

So stay tuned for many more blog posts! I look forward to writing for you.

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