Author Photos Are Weird

Today I went and had some author photos taken. You should know that I hate photos of myself. Or rather, I dislike serious photographs of myself. I prefer to be silly in photos because then people don't take them seriously. I also am not overly fond of selfies; there are too many other beautiful things to take pictures of. But today, I had a camera focused on me. What a strange experience. The lighting, the poses...the was all strange to me. It felt surreal, almost...why was I subjecting myself to this again?

I mean, it was fun. I had my sister take my photos and she did a great job. But it felt against my nature to let the focus be on me for so long. But we had a good time. And, I discovered something: I could be an example.

It was all worth it when my niece, Belle, started putting props on herself and saying she needed her photo taken because her book was coming out too. This kid is almost nine years old, and I love her to death. She wanted to be a writer, just like her Aunt Jill.

Belle has had a bit of a rough time growing up and has had some problems. But to think I could give her a dream, even if it wasn't necessarily a long-lasting dream, made me happy.

You keep dreaming, kid. That's how it all starts.

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