Writing Prompt #4

Congratulations to Leann for sharing an excellent story in response to last week's prompt. I'm sorry you stepped in dog poop, Leann.

Today, I want to talk about the things that whisper thoughts in our ears. I'm sure you've all heard of our little shoulder angels or devils that fill their time arguing over our souls? I'm sure I have at least a shoulder devil. I'm also sure I have a little writing imp that has real estate near my ear. My writing imp likes to tell me stories.

I know some people have muses, but I am certain I have an imp. He's a mischevous little bugger and he does not know how to shut up.

On my other side I have a live long and prosper imp, or prosper imp for short. This fellow likes to try to drown out the writing imp by reminding me of my responsibilities and other duties not related to writing. I picture him with dark parted hair and an old-man mustache.

As you can imagine, these two imps do not get along. No wonder I'm always so confused.

The writing prompt for this week is to detail a conversation between my two imps.

Some rules!

1. I can be in the story and confused, but I can't say anything. My feminist friends would hate me for this, but treat me as an object instead of a character in your response, okay?

2. You must, at some point, have my shoulder angel and shoulder devil in the story.

3. Try to make me laugh at some point while I read your response.

The entry that most closely resembles my real imps wins the shoutout next week.

Good luck, writers.

On your mark, get set, go!

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