Writing Prompt #13

Well done to Crystal for answering last week's writing prompt. She hates essays. Who doesn't? Even though I love writing, essays can be awful. Thanks everyone for participating in last week's prompt!

This week, I'd like each of you to share a funny story with me that involves an animal. I love animals, especially dogs. I have a wonderful dachshund named Jasmine, and she loves being outside.

Once, I was watching her run around the backyard. She's silly when she runs around the yard. She likes to leap about like a gazelle. This particular time, she also jumped up on her hind legs and went hop, hop, hop around the yard. I don't know why she did that, but it was adorable. I suppose dogs, and other animals, are able to love and find joy in the little things like being outside on a sunny day.

Tell me a funny or cute animal story in the comments!

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