Writing Prompt #14

The shoutout this week goes to Whitney for her fun story about her cat in response to last week's writing prompt. Thank you all for your participation!

This week, since Thanksgiving is coming up and will come around before the next writing prompt, I would like you all to share a Thanksgiving memory with me. It doesn't have to necessarily be a good memory, but do make it interesting.

One of my most memorable Thanksgivings was actually kind of sad. Every year we share Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle. This particular year, we had Thanksgiving over at their house. I was still a child, and my aunt and uncle still had two dogs. Sahara was young at the time, but Malibu was old and nearing the end of her life. Malibu hadn't been able to move for days because she was in so much pain, and it was almost time for her to go. But when I walked through my aunt's door, Malibu saw me. She stumbled up and, with her tail wagging as much as it could, she limped as far over to me as she could so she could say hello.

That Thanksgiving was the last time I saw Malibu. I will always remember that she was so excited to see me, to see my whole family, and that her happiness that we were there was able to affect her even through her pain.

So you see, your response about a memorable Thanksgiving can be anything. It can be sad, happy, funny, frustrating or make you sick to remember. I know we all eat too much each year when this holiday comes around.

I'm excited to hear about your most memorable Thanksgiving.

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