C.E. Webber Responds to New Doctor Who Series

Since the Immortal Writers have trusted me with their story, William Shakespeare has also entrusted me to post his and other writers' responses to adaptations of their work, fan fiction, and other material. Here is a transcript of an interview between myself and Doctor Who creator C.E. Webber on his thoughts on modern Doctor Who. -Jill

Webber: Yes? What is it? What do you want? What are you doing here?

Me: I'm doing a new Immortal Writers blog, and wondered if you would like to share your thoughts on modern Doctor Who.

Webber: Of course! Sit, sit.

Me: First, what do you think of the success of Doctor Who as a whole?

Webber: I'm delighted, naturally, at its success. All writers hope for this kind of success for their stories--isn't that part of being an Immortal Writer?--but few accomplish it. I was pleasantly surprised at Doctor Who's success, and couldn't be happier.

Me: And you kept watching it, even after you faked your death in June of 1969, correct?

Webber: After I became an Immortal Writer I still kept close tabs on Doctor Who. It's part of what made me immortal---that Time Lord made me so!

Me: Who's your favourite Doctor?

Webber: Since I wrote for him, I'd have to say the original Doctor. One.

Me: What do you think of modern Doctor Who?

Webber: Doctor Who originally began as an educational show for children. We travelled to the past to teach children about history, and we journeyed into the future to educate children on science. I'm afraid modern Who has lost some of these qualities, but it has gained so much in adventure! I am simply grateful that so many people are invested in the journeys of the Doctor.

Me: Will you tell me the Doctor's name?

Webber: I will not.

Me: Please??

Webber: No, Bowers.

Me: Fine. Anything else you'd like to add?

Webber: I just hope people will continue to enjoy the adventures of the Doctor and his companions! And I pray Susan will make a return.

Me: Indeed. Good day, Webber.

Webber: Ah, yes! It's good. Thank you. Keep warm!

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