Call of the Sirens: The Land of Story

It's no use fighting.

I know this.

I tell myself every time it calls. Without fail, it always wins.

The question is: how long can I hold on before it takes me?

This happens often. I know how this works. I know ways to avoid it, and I try... God knows I try... but sometimes, it comes anyway. Sometimes it takes over.

The sirens call.

It starts faintly, sometimes. When it starts faintly, I can ignore it longer.

But when it starts by screaming, there's no hope. I must fall in. I must let go of reality and tumble down into the Land of Story.

I see truly magical things in the Land of Story. Dragons, castles, heroes, unique creatures, grand secret libraries, gnomes, fairies, and magical gardens.

Sometimes, I see horrifying things in the Land of Story. Shadows, monsters, demons, wicked men and women, dictators, and, worst of all, the past.

Oh, the past.

Sometimes, I find myself locked in white mazes, surrounded by filthy white walls that reflect demons and secrets and lies and memories.

The Land of Story can be a dangerous place.

But it can also be beautiful.

Have you ever been to the Land of Story? What do you see? Who greets you? Or are you alone? What monsters do you fight? Do you walk away stronger? Or do you struggle to walk away at all?

What has been your most magical experience in the Land of Story? What about your worst experience? Do you ever revisit your favorite world there? What do you run from most often when you travel there?

In November, I will take your hand and guide you into one of my worlds in the Land of Story. You'll walk away stronger, but it will be an adventure unlike any other.

Are you prepared?

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